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What is Water Works?

Laura van der Plas (also known as lauimaui) is the Dutch water and surf photographer behind the concept of Water Works.

Laura is currently living in Zandvoort in the Netherlands. In 2012 she bought her first water-housing and since then she has spent many hours in the Northsea and foreign waters. Laura’s passion for surfing and her love for photography brought her to many destinations in Europe. Both locally and internationally Laura is known for her story telling way and creative work as a photographer.

Water Works surf and water photography by Laura van der Plas

When you ask why Laura is so attracted to the ocean, she starts to smile and responds: “A dive into the big blue gives me a total reset. It is my physical challenge after a workday at the office. It is my favourite hangout where I catch up with local surf buddies…And at last it became my creative inspiration. In the water people are so pure, so photogenic. I guess it is just because water works…”

Laura sees the importance of sustainability and cares for clean oceans. With her photography she wants to contribute and create awareness for the beauty of the ocean. She wants to further develop this and is especially interested to work on projects that support clean oceans.


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