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Figueira da Foz

Figueira da Foz

Hey, fellow wave-seekers! Welcome to the hidden gem that is Figueira da Foz – our little slice of coastal heaven sandwiched right between Porto and Lisbon. Getting here is a breeze with trains and buses – no need to stress about the commute.

We're off the beaten path, still keeping that local vibe intact, away from the tourist hustle. Except for those two weeks in August, when our inland pals invade for their annual beach takeover – and we're all about it.

Now, picture our town – small squares, tucked-away parks, and a maze of streets that reveal hidden gems. Trees lining the streets bring constant bursts of color, making every stroll feel like a surf through a floral paradise. Our buildings, especially the old city center, rock that typical Portuguese vibe, with tiles on the outside that are a work of art – a piece of Portugal you won't find anywhere else.

Craving local flavor? Hit up Mercado Municipal for the freshest produce and fish – that's where the real deal is. And don't skip the coffee joints; our pastries are next-level, trust me, you will be spoiled for choice.

Let's talk about our massive beach – thanks to that epic pier, we've got one of the biggest stretches in Europe. New walkways make it a breeze to hit the waves or just chill on those warm summer evenings.

Grab your board or hop on your bike – the ocean-side bike path is legit. Cruise through Buarcos, towards the cape Mondego, where a vast forest awaits. Don't miss the vista point overlooking Quiaos – it's a local gem.

Now, let's talk surf – Figueira da Foz is the hidden spot, less crowded than the southern beaches. Same ocean, same waves, and, trust me, they're pretty decent most of the time. Serious swell? It gets gnarly. Summer vibes? Cute waves all the way.

Our weather? Blessed, thanks to the meteorological magic of the cape. Yeah, we get a bit of fog, but it clears up as the day rolls on, setting the stage for the most epic pics. Sunsets? Unmissable. And if you're up early enough, catch a sunrise – it's a local secret that's worth the wake-up call.


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