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Breaking Winter Blues: Reviving Longboards and Riding Summer Waves

Longboard surf camp guide in Portugal

In the heart of winter, when the ocean roars with the fury of North Atlantic storms and snow blankets the mountains, we find ourselves huddled indoors, sipping on tea and coffee like it's going out of style. As we shiver and gaze longingly out the window, our faithful longboards languish in a corner, covered in a layer of dust, and perhaps, existential pondering.

Yes, even longboards have their existential crises, questioning their purpose and place in the vast universe. But fear not, dear riders, for it's time to turn the tide and inject some much-needed hope into our trusty companions.

The months of July and August emerge as the saviors from this winter-induced hibernation. Picture smaller long rides, extended sunlit days, and weather that warmly invites you to shed those layers of winter woes. We've dubbed these months the "Longboard Season" – a celebration of all things surf and a remedy for the winter blues.

However, with bookings more limited than ever, it's a call to action! Rally your friends, form a crew, and hurry to secure your spot in the sunlit paradise. These weeks aren't just about riding the waves; they're about saving longboards from their winter depression, assuring them that their aquatic destiny is just around the corner.

Imagine the joy on your longboard's metaphorical face when you tell it that, yes, soon it will be gliding gracefully on the water, embracing the freedom of the surf. It's not just a surf camp; it's a rehabilitation center for our beloved longboards.

So, what are you waiting for? Break free from the winter shackles, embrace the warmth of summer, and join us for a Longboard Guide Week. Let's turn those dusty boards into beacons of joy and reclaim the thrill of the surf. Secure your spot, and together, let's ride the summer wave and save our longboards from their winter doldrums!


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